What are the different stages of shower renovation?

Renovating your bathroom is not an easy task, you will have to be very patient and avoid using your shower during the work period. Even if you call in a professional, it is important to prepare your project well by taking into account the appropriate time and budget. In this article, we will help you to see more clearly to allow you a good shower renovation.

What to do with your old equipment when renovating your shower?

Before starting the realization of a building site, it is necessary to start by getting rid of of your old equipment. But to do this, you need to know exactly what you are going to do, because you risk destroying everything and getting into trouble without knowing how to get out of it. To avoid all this, you must then :

  • prepare for an unusable shower;
  • have good equipment;
  • how to dispose of rubble.

Indeed, when you renovate your shower, you have to be prepared to not be able to shower at home. You will have to find an alternative so as not to find yourself without the possibility of washing. Then, it is essential to be in possession of the proper tools and good methods To carry out your renovation correctly, you must try to break as little as possible to ensure the stability of the walls of your room. Finally, it is very important to get rid of rubble in the right way, as it accumulates quickly. It is compulsory to have an authorised rubbish dump available, and for this, do not hesitate to contact your local council. If you live in an apartment building, you must inform the co-ownership, because you will undoubtedly make noise and dirty the common stairs.

How do you do the work for a new shower?

When you mark out the location of your new shower, you need to make sure that the area is clean, so start by doing the wall and floor covering. These are the most important steps, as they will determine the final cost of the renovation. For the wall coveringThere are a multitude of solutions, ideally, people prefer to use tiles, because it ensures good maintenance and longevity of the coating, you will not have to think about renovation after that. To do this, you need a budget ranging from 50 euros / m² to 100 euros / m². Otherwise, you can use special shower wallpaper or an adapted solution if you want to reduce your costs.

As for the floor coveringWhen you have a bathtub and you want to transform it into a shower, you will have to fill in the gaps with tiles, waxed concrete or parquet. The parquet solution is very aesthetic and requires a budget of 100 euros / m² minimum. In addition, many people ask the question of whether it is necessary to redo the plumbing. In fact, it depends on your renovation and if you decide to do it all or not. If you want to redo the whole thing, then you need to call a plumber, the help of a professional is paramount, because water leaks can become dramatic.

How to choose a good shower enclosure during the renovation of your bathroom?

As soon as your job site is about to be completed and your project begins to take shape, you can place your shower cubicle. The choice of the latter is crucial, ask yourself the budget you want to invest and especially the design you are looking for. You have two possibilities:

  • a kit cabin ;
  • a tailor-made system.

The first solution is made for ease, shower kits often have a set of partitions, a door and a bin. The installation of this one is quite easy and its price is very affordable. Its partitions are usually complete and you will not need to think about the aesthetics of the walls, the price of this type of realization starts from 200 euros and can go up to 1 500 euros.

And if you want a much more aesthetic solution, opt for a tailor-made systemA good professional will offer you separate elements to your taste that will form a complete shower. You will have the luxury of choosing each element on its own and will be able to build your shower as you wish and in a unique way. However, this solution can be more expensive, you should count between 500 and 1 500 euros.

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