All you need to know about roller shutters for renovation

Roller shutters, provide a modern and sophisticated touch in a house.
It's a real comfort not to have the tedious task of closing the wooden shutters, which are always full of problems.
Like everything else, roller shutters require maintenance and sometimes renovation.
This article will provide you with the information and tools you need if you feel your shutters need a makeover!

Types of shutters

A flap allows you to protect from lightand to insulate against cold and heat.
There are several types of shutters, each with its own installation and maintenance.
First, there is roller shutters, which can be manual or electric, they roll up around a metal axis, in a box placed on top of the window.
Roller shutters, have two types:

  • The renovation roller shutter, which does not require major work to be installed;
  • the traditional roller shutter, which has a specific mechanism.

Then there is swinging shuttersThese are wooden shutters, which can be folded down on the wall of the house with the help of two panels.
Finally, come Parisian shuttersThey can be made of several materials (iron, wood, PVC, aluminium, etc.) and they fold up on themselves.

How to renovate a roller shutter?

If your house is being renovated and you have forgotten to install a roller shutter, don't panic! There is what is called lnnovation roller shutterswhich are specially designed for this purpose. You can easily install them for a short period of time.
If you already have roller shutters, you can also renovate them by calling in a professional.
With the renovation of a roller shutter, you will have better insulation, and better safety conditions.
Certainly, the renovation is not an action, which you can do yourself, but the maintenance if, first think about clean your shutters often enough with a sponge soaked in soap and water.
For wooden shutters, from time to time strip off the old varnish, clean them and then apply two to three coats of stain.
Daily grease the slides and guides with silicone.
If you have a manual roller shutter, think about modernizing it, by installing an electrical mechanisminstead of the manual.
You will have either a switch to raise and lower your shutter, or a remote control to operate the shutter, it's up to you to choose the type of electric operation you want to install.

The advantages and disadvantages of roller shutters

They are defined according to a set of criteria, firstly, come the type of shutterThis depends on the model chosen, the customer's needs, and the budget.
For example, the manual shutter is a less comfortable product to use, but more economical and ecological.
On the other hand, the electric shutter is not economical, nor ecological, but it offers comfort and modernity to your house.
Then comes the chosen material, for example wooden roller shuttersThey are very beautiful to look at, and they are highly insulating, but they are the most expensive on the market, and they require regular maintenance.
On the other hand, aluminium is a very good insulator, which does not require much maintenance, but you will lose a little bit the aesthetic aspect.
There is also the PVC roller shutter, which is a much less resistant material than aluminium, which is not suitable for large dimensions, but it is the cheapest, and requires very little maintenance.
Roller shutters, iffit all windowsThey also offer security to reinforce the house, and complete privacy, which is not always the case with shutters.
However, they are not always pleasant in case of renovationEspecially if you choose electric models, which can be a problem in the event of a power cut.
Manual roller shutters have their share of problems too, for example, they tend to jam, and this is very common, so you will find yourself either in the dark, or in a light that prevents you from sleeping.

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