What are the steps to follow for staircase renovation?

Staircases are one of the key elements in a house, they allow you to go from one floor to another in a building. It is therefore important to renovate them from time to time so that they can maintain their condition. This can be a very tricky task, as you may not have access to certain areas of the house at the time of the work. In this article, we help you anticipate this operation by presenting you the different possible staircase works and their cost.

How do you renovate the steps of your stairs?

The renovation of stairs depends mainly on the state of degradation of the latter and the nature of the aesthetic change that you wish to carry out. You will have to repaint and re-varnish if it is wood. Otherwise, if the condition of your stairs has really deteriorated, a total renovation may be necessary. Concerning the renovation of the steps, it is generally the most common procedure in the renovation of stairs, we often leave the risers in their state and we proceed only to the change of colors and aesthetics, here are the two types of stairs the most used:

  • wooden stairs ;
  • concrete stairs.

With respect to wooden stairsIf your steps are damaged, you should consider repairing the cracks and holes with wood filler. However, if your steps are damaged, it is necessary to think of repairing the cracks and the holes using a wood paste. For the concrete stairsIf your steps are damaged or cracked, you should consider using mortar before covering them. And if your steps are damaged or cracked, you will have to think about using mortar before putting the covering.

How do I change the flooring for staircase renovation?

Generally, the change of covering is done for concrete stairs. To begin with, it is necessary to remove the old coating and expose the structure of the stairs. Then the new material must be put in place, which will then be either :

  • tiles ;
  • of the prosecution ;
  • of the laminate ;
  • vinyl.

Tiles have a wide range of designs with different patterns, it is even possible to imitate parquet and stone by using different materials, it is also durable and easy to maintain. Parquet is also placed on concrete, whether it is floating or solid. Otherwise, to save money, it is advisable to put the parquet on steps and apply a coat of paint for the risers. It should be noted that the installation of the parquet floor takes a lot of time because of the many cuts that must be made to obtain an aesthetic result, however, you will still be able to use your steps, even during the work. Laminate is also a good solution to avoid spending a lot of money, it provides an effect similar to that of parquet, it is light, and therefore will not weigh down the stairs. It is nevertheless advisable to choose a good quality Laminate to prevent scratches to your stairs and guarantee a long life. Finally, vinyl is a very popular material these days, as it can imitate different materials at a low cost. It is very strong and is glued to the surface to be covered.

Moreover, painting your stairs is often reserved for wooden materials, the paint brings a lot of modernity. However, it is imperative that it is of good quality to resist the footsteps of the inhabitants, it is preferable to choose one that resists washing.

How much does staircase renovation cost?

To evaluate the cost of a staircase renovation, several factors must be taken into account, because it is not obvious. Indeed, the work is done in several stages depending on each situation. You must inform the renovation specialist of your situation and your requirements, because it is the latter who will determine the procedure to follow. Indeed, if your work is to be aesthetic purposeThe method will be different if you also want to touch the work. For the first case, i.e. the aesthetic purpose, you should count between 500 and 1,500 euros, depending on the type of coating you choose. And if you decide to replace the whole bookThe cost will be more considerable and you will have to count between 1,000 and 15,000 euros.

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